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Testimonials from International Institutes
"The program is learner centered and user friendly. It will enable the students to gain the proficiency in effective communication by helping them overcome the fear and hesitation of speaking English . The different stages or levels of learning English in the program and activities in each unit are configured to grill the students to gain confidence and vocabulary required for speaking English. The special emphasis on different aspects of spoken English like pronunciation accent and immediate feedback helps the students to upgrade their performance. It not only prepare them to speak English in the day to day situation of life, but also makes them competent for the job market globally. The course is truly a andmark in language learning."
Dr. Maqdoom Farooqu

"We have became confident about the use of the Language Lab. We found that with Eyespeak , it is easy to compare and improve the speech, tone and volume of English language manner. Language learning in this is both easy end fun."
Dr. Parag Gogate

"The teachers are extremely happy with the training and are now very confident of implementing this wonderful programme to empower our student s. We look forward to our continued association in the future"

"We have understood the mother tongue approach adopted by Linguaphone. It is an excellent way to learn a language. According to the teachers and students, this product is really very useful to learn foreign language. I express my sincere thanks for providing your support & necessary help."
Dr. Mrs. S. R. Gaikwad

"We are extremely happy with the Language Lab are now very confident of implementing this wonderful programme in the school with our students. I look forward to our continued association in the future."

"The contents and curriculum is very interesting and has made the faculty confident that the software and curriculum will work with to fulfill the needs of our students. We look forward to having a long term relationship with you."

"We are confident that this will give our students command over the English Language and instill them with confidence"

"The training was received well by our teachers and this lab is a boon to our students, to help to improve and develop the English language skills of our students of all three mediums English, Marathi & Gujarathi."
Head Mistress

"The teachers have found the program very useful for themselves and the student in the University. They are looking forward to seeing their students benefit from this very relevant program and performing better in the global market"

"We are happy to inform you that the Linguaphone Language Lab is the biggest asset for our students in terms of enhancing their language skills, grooming and self –confidence. The activities have been carefully thought out and put together to make language learning a joyful experience Some of the features which we found really useful are the instant feedback system , step by step correction of phonetic discrepancies in the speaker's pronunciation and specific problems in the utterances of the consonant and vowel sounds in the language."

"Teachers' Feedback
1. I have learnt simple methods to improve vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation and also boost up my confidence.
Mrs Neeta Kadam-Teacher
2. I have understood how to use the English Language correctly. This program will benefit both our teachers and students.
Mrs Kavita R Kamble
3. This is an effective program and will help students to speak English easily.
Mrs Manasi A Chavan
4. This program is user friendly and very helpful even for us teachers. A well designed and created package which will work wonders for our students.
Mrs Sunita Kulkarni"

LJNJ Mahila Mahavidyalaya-Vile Parle East – Mumbai

In today's world, it is increasingly difficult to find native English speaking English Language Teachers. To meet this challenge and compliment our already highly competent teaching of English, we are introducing the world famous Linguaphone English Learning System using native English speakers, so that our students get a truly global accent. The teaching will be carried out in specially set up Language Lab on our premises. Our students will take these spoken English classes as a part of their regular curriculum. As parents of our students, we are also encouraging any of you who are interested in enhancing your communication skills to make us of our Lab on a nominal payment. We invite you to the inauguration of the Language Lab at 11.30 a.m. on 31st August 2004 when you can avail of more information on this subject "
Dr. Mrs. Stella Samuel
Bishop Cotton Girls School

"Quality inputs in education have become more relevant in view of globalization trends leading to empowerment of students and teaching community of the State. Keeping in view prevalent professional competitiveness, it is our endeavor to provide a qualitative edge to the capacity building of our Human Resources. To ensure improvement in linguistic skills, our teachers are being provided specialized training of Spoken English. Seven Lingua Labs, one at each Divisional Head Quarter, have been set up in the first phase for imparting training to enhance the command of the teachers of government schools on communication and use of English. The key to mastery over any art, language or skill is practice. This is being made possible by the availability of these state-of-art, language labs in Ajmer, Bikaner, Bharatpur, Udaipur, Kota, Jaipur & Jodhpur. This practice shall enable us of global spoken English in the wider curriculum transaction in class-rooms. The Labs established under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan by RCEE are installed with 115 Lingua Phones, through which the teacher is to be imparted training in vocabulary, conversation, situational role-plays, summarizing, comprehension etc. I am sure Lingua Phone 21 will prove highly relevant for teachers of classes VI to XII through its four level programme with 1554 interactive activities, 16 hours of recorded material, 28 Units of study in 8 volumes. To give an overview of the contents and teaching learning strategy of the programme, this supplementary material will help teachers effectively obtain the desired outcomes. In view of the importance of qualitative education. I hope our teachers will make this effort a success by deploying skills acquired through this training programme effectively in class room transactions. "
C. K. Mathew
Principal Secretary of Education
Govt. Of Rajasthan - Jaipur School & Sanskrit Education Department

"It gives me pleasure to write to you that my staff, including I have successfully cleared the First Level of the Linguaphone Language Training. The experience of learning a better English Language in a novel way was wonderful as well as delighting. We got great support from the Trainers and the Kit supplied. I am sure that all my staff members have benefited from the training and look forward towards mastering the next Level too. Few of my teachers suggested though that with certain consideration there were chances of more improvements. Suggestions mainly dealt with more grammar exposure, option of C.Ds. along with Cassettes, shorter and frequent sessions instead of daylong session, availability of a stand by Trainer in case of emergencies etc. Finally I would like to thank you and your staff for benefiting my Institution by improving its communication skill and hope that such sessions will continue in future too. Assuring you of my best co-operation for times to come. "
Bharat English High School

"The Management is very happy to inform you that our teachers have learned a lot from your Lingaphone English language training which you have imparted through your well versed and skillful instructor Mrs. Sangeeta Panjaratan. We appreciate your efforts and thank you for all that you have done to make this course very successful. "
Fr. Magi A. Murzello
Dominic Savio Vidyalaya - Mumbai

"We are glad to introduce Linguaphone-21 in our language laboratory which has been set up as part of the Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP). The training session for the faculty and student trainers, which have just concluded, have given a through insight into the package. We appreciate the dedicated and sincere efforts of the trainers Ms. Elsy Anil and Ms. Namita. We hope to bring about a significant improvement in the English Language skill of our students, especially those who come from the vernacular background. The interactive and self learning course ware will certainly benefit our staff and students. "
Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Matunga
Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute - Mumbai

"I got acquainted with the Linguaphone French six years back through our Principal Dr. P.C. Thomas when he bought a complete set from London. Since then I have been using the pack in my teaching. The children responded quite well to this aided teaching with Linguaphone due to its stress on listening skill. This encouraged us to buy forty sets of Linguaphone French pack from Ms. Deepa (Lotus Learning Pvt. Ltd – Chennai Branch) six months back. We have been the first International School in India to have got introduced to Linguaphone French. The most fascinating aspect of the pack is its methodical arrangement of lessons and well organized oral and written exercises. It has been quite beneficial for the students who follow the Cambridge programme and IB programme which involve all the four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) which are necessary for learning a language. Std VII upwards (age group 12 upwards) are the classes which are involved in these streams and we have been able to effectively carry out this pack for the class IX and above so far and the response has been too positive. From the next academic year onwards we are planning to incorporate this pack in our teaching for the other classes which involve IGCSE stream. I thank our Principal Dr. P.C. Thomas, Ms. Deepa and all others who got me introduced to this pack. I am sure that my colleagues would also find it quite helpful to use this pack as part of their teaching and is going to be an innovative method in teaching as we have clear guidelines provided in the leaflet on how to carry out the course. All the best to Ms. Deepa and her group who are involved in recommending this pack to various schools which would serve as the best tool in learning the language. "
Mrs. Vimala Rani Jacob
Head of the Department
Good Shepherd International School - Ooty

"We are happy to have linguaphone language lab in our institute. The linguaphone spoken English program has been received well by the students of the Government Polytechnic Mumbai. We hope the combination of books and cassettes will be immensely useful to meet the language challenges. We would like to mention that since most of the students come from homes, which speak by in their mother-tongue, this program may help them to improve their English by using the linguaphone method. "
Government Polytechnic, Mumbai, India

"The AP State Council of Higher Education has decided to test the Linguaphone L 21 program as part of the course material for a new English proficiency enhancement program launched by it. The program intends to improve the pronunciation and communication skills of graduate students in order to enhance their employability in industry."
Prof. C. Subbarao
Andhra Pradesh State Council for Higher Education

"From 1972 – 1976 I was a student in Rome doing post-graduate studies in theology. During this time I had to pursue the study of Italian and later on during the course of these four years, the study of German as well. For both these languages I made use of the LINGUAPHONE which I found very useful and effective. What I like specially about the Linguaphone methodology is: It introduces you to the most important and useful words of the language beginning with the family, the house, the bedroom, the hotel, the restaurant, numbers, money etc. This enables the student to carry on a simple conversation in daily life. The use of the recorded tape gives the student a good foundation in pronunciation and this makes a positive impression on listeners. I still remember the day I arrived in Germany. The rector of the institution where I had gone for a few days said to me, as soon as I had said my first sentence in German: " Where did you learn German? You speak so correctly "
Bosco Penha
Auxiliary Bishop
Archdiocese of Bombay
Our Lady of Salvation Church - Bishop Bosco Penha

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