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User Manual of CD MiniLab
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Name and locations of the various button functions
1.   CHECK
Alerts the user when the end of a sentence has been reached by producing a beeping sound.
2.   TRACK
Selects a desired section.
3.   INDEX
Selects a desired sentence.
4.   REP.ADV (Repeat Advance)
Lets the user set the number of repetitions of a sentence from 2 to 9 times.
Facilitates conversation practice.
6.   COPY
Enables the user to play a sentence repeatedly as many times as he/she wants.
Adjusts the volume during normal playback, on a scale of 0 to 30. It may also be used as a controller to select the number of repetition, track number or index number.
8.   GAME
Switches to game mode.
9.   INTRO (Introduction)
Lets the user scan through the content of the CD.
10.   REP.IC (Repeat IC)
Record and playback a sentence recorded electronically, the maximum recording time is 1 minute.
11.   REP.A-B (Repeat A to B)
Defines a block of content for repetition.
12.   ENTER
Confirms instructions being inputted, for example: after choosing a track number to be played, you have to confirm it by pressing the ENTER button.
Lets you resume playing at the last point you stopped.
Practicing Pronunciation - Auto Mode
1.   Press the COPY button, "COPY" will be seen on the screen.
2.   Press the REP.ADV button, "REPEAT" "ADV" will be displayed. You will also see a blinking "REMAIN" "3".
3.   Use JOG CONTROL to choose the number of times you want to practice for a sentence and press ENTER to confirm. "AU" will be shown on the screen and each sentence will be repeated as many times as you have just set.
4.   Press and hold the REP.IC button for 3 seconds, "REC" will flash on the screen.
5.   After playing each sentence, "MIC REC" and the record counter will appear on the screen.
6.   Every time "MIC REC" is displayed; you can repeat what is said on the CD by using the in-built microphone or an external microphone. Both your voice and the CD sound will be electronically recorded on the unit.
7.   If you want to listen to the playback to make a comparison between your pronunciation and the CDs, press the REP.IC button. "IC PLAY" will be seen on the screen. To stop the playback, press the REP.IC button again.
8.   After listening to the playback, you can repeat steps [4] to [7] to practice again if you like.
9.   To stop practicing, press the STOP button.
Practicing Pronunciation - Manual Mode
1.   While the CD is playing, press and hold the REP.IC button for 3 seconds, "REC" will flash on the screen.
2.   When the end of the part you want to practice has been reached, press the PAUSE button. You will then see "MIC REC" on the screen.
3.   Now, you can record your voice repeating the CD sound. Both your voice and the CD sound will be recorded on the unit.
4.   To continue practicing the next sentence, press the PAUSE button and the CD will start playing again. When that sentence is finished, press the PAUSE button again and "MIC REC" will appear once more, indicating that you may start to record your voice. This can be carried on until the recording time limit of 60 seconds is reached.
5.   When you finished praticing, you can press the REP.IC button and listen to the playback repeatedly. You will see "IC PLAY" on the screen.
6.   To stop the playback, press the REP.IC button again.
The maximum recording time of both Auto Mode and Manual Mode are 60 seconds. When the limit is exceeded, the machine will beep and the 1-minute content will automatically and repeatedly be played with "IC PLAY" being shown on the screen. To stop the playback, press the REP.IC button.

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