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Language Lab Instruction
User Manual Cassette Player Model MCA-100
Name and locations of the various button functions
1.   Cassette Recording Button
2.   Play Button
3.   Rewind Button
4.   Forward Button
5.   Stop Button
6.   Speed Control Button
7.   Practice Button
8.   Low Volume Button
9.   High Volume Button
10.   Auto Button
11.   Back Space Button
12.   Fast Back Space Button
13.   Fast Repeat Button
14.   Pause Button
15.   Mic Button
16.   Earphone Plug-red
17.   Earphone Plug-black
18.   Power Supply Plug
Cassette operation function
1.   Normal Play
To play, lift the cassette compartment lid, insert the cassette and press button 2 for (play).
2.   Use of the Earphone
Insert the earphone plug into the earphone socket, which cuts off sound from the external speaker and enables sound to be heard only through the earphones.
3.   Fast Forward
Press the fast forward button and the cassette will advance rapidly.
4.   Rewind
Press the rewind button and the cassette will move backward rapidly.
5.   Stop
Press the stop button and the cassette will stop playing.
6.   Volume Adjustment
Press the volume adjustment key (button no 8) for decreasing volume and press button no 9 for increasing volume.
7.   Speed
To control the speed of the cassette press button no 6. This helps in adjusting for optimum sound and speed.
8.   Pause
To pause, presses button number 14. To resume lesson press the pause button once again.
How to operate the player
1.   The IC device has 180 seconds of recording time.
2.   To practice recording, press button number 7 (mic/com) once and speak to the built-in (with symbol) MIC sign for 180 seconds (3 mins). To listen to the recording, press button number 7 once again for playback and press button number 11 to resume the lesson.
3.   The recording can be made using the earphones and microphone provided. Insert them into the equipment and record your voice through the microphone.
4.   To repeat a sentence, press button number 10 (AUTO) and the last sentence played will be repeated 3 times. To return to Normal play press the AUTO button once again.
5.   To backspace or playback, press button number 11 and the sentence will be repeated. To return to Normal play, press the same button once again.
6.   To compare your voice with the tutor's voice, press button number 7 (MIC/COM) for recording. In order to record both the content of the cassette and voice, press button number 7 for 3 seconds. To return to Normal play, press button number 11.
Technical Specifications
  Item   Specification
  Power Supply   DC 6V : 450mA
  Earphone Resistance   8 ohm
  Output Power   Maximum 800MW
  Max. Power Consumption     1.0W
  Type of Sound Card   Single Dual Track  
  Re-reading Times   180 seconds
  Tape Speed   3KHZ+-10%

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