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Starter Course
Beginner to Proficient
The Starter Course is ideal if you want to reach a standard where you will be able to deal with the basic essentials of life when abroad.

Incorporating a range of oral and written exercises to help you practice your new language, spend just half-an-hour a day with your Linguaphone Japanese Starter Course, learning with our unique 'Listen, Understand, Speak' method and you'll soon be chatting with the locals - sounding just like a local.

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This course contains:
 ·  6 CDs
Recordings of native speakers ensure a good accent.
 ·  Illustrated Textbook
This book gives the text of the recordings, in Romanized spelling (Romaji). It is illustrated by pictures which were drawn in Japan by Japanese artists.
 ·  Handbook
  • This book contains instructions in English on how to use the course, lesson vocabularies and translations, and explanatory notes. It also contains notes on Japanese writing and the sounds of Japanese.
  • The meanings given in the vocabularies for words occurring in the course are the meanings in which they are used in the lessons.
  • Vocabulary 1. The meanings of new words are given as they occur lesson by lesson.
  • Explanatory Notes. These explain points of grammar and structures as they arise in the lessons. Explantions are clarified by many practical examples.
  • Vocabulary 2. Contains alphabetically arranged vocabularies for Japanese / English and English / Japanese giving the meaning of words used in the text.
  •  ·  Study Guide
    Full instructions on how to plan your study and get the most out of your course. The Japanese Starter Course is also available with instructions in Chinese Mandarin.
    Did you know?
    The Japanese language has 122 million native speakers.
    Japanese History
    Japanese Speaking
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