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Dialogue Course
Beginner to Proficient
The Dialogue Course is perfect if you want to get to a reasonably high level of ability. Whether that is because you are working abroad, studying for an exam or wanting to refresh your skills from previous study.

This course and the others in the Dialogue range are the most widely used of all our courses as they start from scratch and yet provide the learner with a confident and competent understanding of a new language.

Since the Dialogue Course gives you the chance to speak the language, you will benefit from improvements to your fluency, pronunciation and confidence.
This course contains:
 ·  8 CDs
Recordings of native speakers ensure a good accent.
 ·  Handbook
The handbook is your tutor. Written in your native language, it provides you with all the necessary language guidance and explanations. It also includes a list of vocabulary and covers all the grammatical points as new words and phrases are introduced in the recordings.
 ·  Textbook
The textbook is a printed and illustrated transcription of the CD recordings. This means that you can follow the text whilst listening to the CDs and so become familiar with the spelling and structure of the language.
 ·  Written Exercise Book
The exercise book allows you to practice what you have learned.
 ·  Oral Exercise Book
Spoken practice and exercises improve your accent and pronunciation.
 ·  Study Guide
Full instructions on how to plan your study and get the most out of your course.
Did you know?
There are no "primitive" languages. All languages have a system of sounds, words and sentences that can adequately communicate the content of culture.
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German Speaking
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