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Learning English with Linguaphone Eyespeak course    
Linguaphone has developed the latest state of the art English language learning methodology using unique software. This course is suitable for:
·   Individuals learners    
Install Course
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·   Schools, colleges, Universities and other institutions      
·   Corporate training      
·   Government departments.      
  This new course combines the power of the world renowned Linguaphone English curriculum, with the Speech Recognition capabilities of the Eyespeak software      
How the software works
Linguaphone with Eyespeak software is to be installed on a computer, and all the language exercises of Linguaphone are loaded on the hard disk. The learner refers to the Course Books, can select an activity and hear the teacher’s voice, record his own, play back and compare, see a visual graphic representation of his speech, and also get the overall score he has achieved.
In addition, the software will analyze the learner’s voice along 4 parameters:
  1. Pronunciation
  2. Pitch


  4. Loudness

The software then gives scores on each aspect. The software will also provide a diagram of the mouth showing the placement of the tongue on the palate or lips in order to achieve the correct pronunciation.

Linguaphone eyespeak uses International Spoken English. The Eyespeak program adds a new dimension with sound lessons, and also Linguaphone eyespeak course is a 4 level program, and a learner who completes the entire course will have command over an active working vocabulary of over 2500 words. Eyespeak will reinforce this curriculum, by adding the dimension of voice and accent training, with scoring, evaluation, and ideas for improvement.

What the software offers
·   Placement tests – where students can assess their level of spoken English before they start the course
·   Recording in a waveform where the student can compare their voice with that of the teacher
·   Speech analysis where the student is given feedback on their spoken English
·   A full English dictionary for learners to learn the meaning and pronunciation of over 2300 words.
·   Role plays
·   Progress reports
Why is Linguaphone Eyespeak different?
·   Easy one-time installation, no yearly fees
·   Complete solution – using Computers, Books and CDs
·   Linguaphone eyespeak course does not need trained English teachers to implement the program.
·   The software fulfils all the functions of the teacher – evaluating the learner’s English, pointing out mistakes and offering suggestions, giving scores for performance, and providing ample opportunity for review and revision. This feature will make it very attractive in all kinds of learning situations where teachers who have excellent Spoken English are not available.
·   A complete step-by-step guide to learning is provided
The Minimum System Requirements to run the software are:
·   Operating System: Windows XP, 2000, Vista-
·   Ram: 256MB
·   Processor: 1GHZ +
·   Hard-disk Space: 900Mb
·   A pair of Headphones (which are provided with the product) are also required
Please click here for a set of Frequently Asked Questions.
For Further Information, please contact Linguaphone Distributors Sdn Bhd.
Did you know?
Linguaphone has developed the latest state of the art English language learning methodology using unique software.
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