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Executive English
Muat turun brosur dalam Bahasa Melayu

Level: Intermediate to Advance
Format: Book, CD
Linguaphone's Executive English program provides you the opportunity to further advance your English language skills in the workplace. The course is designed for general use, but is particularly relevant to the working adult who needs to communicate more effectively in the office environment.

The course provides you the confidence and practice needed to handle business communication with managers, staff, colleagues and clients.

It is recommended that The Executive English course be followed after the completion of Level 4 of the Multimedia course.

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What you will learn:
  · Applying for a job - writing cover letters and CVs
  · Speaking at an interview
  · Talking about jobs and the structure of a company
  · Writing business letters and emails
  · Speaking on the phone
  · How to participate in meetings
  · Negotiating agreements
  · Arguing and making points forcefully
  · Talking about sales and the sales department
  · Talking about charts, graphs and statistics
  · Talking about accounts and the Finance department
  · Listening for selected information and corrections
  · Agreeing and disagreeing
  · Expressing optimism and pessimism
  · Talking about life and working relationships in a factory
  · Apologizing and compromising
  · Drawing up a plan from information given
This course contains:
  · CDs
The 4 audio CDs contain the recording of all the dialogs from the case studies.
  · Study Book
The case study books contain all the documents, references and transcripts of the 4 cases presented in the course.
(For a limited period, enrolment on the Executive English course will entitle you to access Daily English of our Online Learning resources.)
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