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allTalk English Course
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The English allTalk course is an entirely new audio-only course, designed to help you to understand and speak English without having to consult any written material. This unique, hands-free learning experience is perfect for busy individuals as it can be used just about anywhere; in the car, at the gym, on the train, doing housework or simply just relaxing at home. AllTalk English also uses the highly successful, tried and tested method of 'listen, understand and speak'.

AllTalk English features an entertaining soap opera style drama, performed by English and Malaysian actors, which will help to develop an authentic accent. The 8 CD course teaches an active vocabulary of over 500 words, which is more than enough for everyday conversation in business or for pleasure.

Benefits of allTalk English
  • Understand and speak English just by pressing play and listening
  • Unique hands-free format means no textbooks and no writing
  • Extensive up-to-date wordlist downloaded from the website
  • Clear instructions and grammatical explanations
  • Entertaining dialogues set in the UK and America, by both British and American actors to help develop an authentic accent
  • Puts you in control of your language learning. Repeat and practice as often as you like
The allTalk English course is entirely bilingual, presented by a native Malay speaker. You will hear English native speakers conversing at normal speed, and with practice, you will quickly understand and speak English as it is spoken. Because you will hear the language, rather than see a written version of it, you will quickly adopt an authentic accent.
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