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How to Use allTalk English and Story Synopsis
Linguaphone allTalk English is an entirely new audio-only course. It has been devised to help you to understand and speak English without having to consult written material, apart from this introduction and the vocabulary which follows.

During the course you will hear English native speakers conversing at a normal speed, and with practice you will quickly understand and speak English as it is spoken. Because you will 'hear' the language - rather than 'see' a written version of it - your accent will be an authentic copy of the native speaker accent.

It is always difficult to gain an authentic accent when you can see the words in your own alphabet. Working from sounds alone rapidly gives you confidence in what you hear. It also removes the desire to 'see' the language before daring to use or respond to it.
How to use Linguaphone allTalk
Linguaphone allTalk utilises the highly successful tried and tested Linguaphone method of 'listen, understand, and repeat'. Each of the units is divided into short sections (denoted by brief musical 'stings'), and it's best, certainly until you feel confident with the grammar and vocabulary, to take each section at a pace you can handle. Don't attempt too much at one go. Stop the recording whenever you feel the need to - either to take a break, or to go back and listen again to what you've just been learning.

This last point is particularly important. One of the great advantages of this audio-only course is that you are in control, and the pace of your learning is entirely up to you. If you experience difficulties at any time and in any section - perhaps with the grammar, with some pronunciation, with comprehension, or with anything else - then take the time to go back to wherever you need to in order to review and revise that section. And when you feel completely confident with what you've learnt, continue the recording.

Included with all the vocabulary and grammar, there are dialogues, comprehension tests and other learning activities. You'll also hear a number of what we've called 'verb boxes' - brief sections in which you can listen to some of the different forms of useful English verbs. The highlighted verbs are also repeated after the vocabulary which follows this introduction.
The Story
Another feature of Linguaphone allTalk - and a useful and entertaining way to check all the language you're learning - is the dramatised story that occurs regularly throughout the course.

The course evolves around a series of dialogues in a tale of deception and intrigue. Alamo Plastics is an industrial company based in Houston, Texas. For the past three years it has been funding a project at Stortford Laboratory, a small research laboratory near Cambridge in England. The central part of the project is an exciting and potentially extremely lucrative formula invented by Stortford's boss, Professor Kelly. But just as the project is nearing completion, a delay threatens to cause serious financial problems for Alamo - and possibly imprisonment for Alamo's boss, Roger Lewis. Desperate to save the situation - and his own skin - Lewis sends one of his staff, Jude Lohring to England to get hold of the formula and take it back to Texas.

The story of the formula and of Jude's experiences during her visit to England begins at the very start of Unit 1, when she arrives at Stortford Laboratory and meets Michael, Professor Kelly's assistant. The story dialogues continue through the succeeding units, and at the end of Unit 4 there's a chance to hear parts of the story again in a highly modified form using a wide mix of the language you've learnt along the way.

A bonus of the story is that because it takes places in England and the United States, you'll be able to hear and learn vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation which is current in both British English and American English.
Communicate as best you can
Like any language, English has rules and regulations. Some of them may take time to master - but don't let that put you off. The important thing always is to communicate. Far better to try to say what you want to say - and risk getting it wrong - than not to say it at all. And that's really the only rule for this course: listen and communicate as best you can.
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