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History of Spanish
Latin American Spanish
When the Spaniards 'discovered' and colonised the Americas, the language of Spain was still undergoing change. It was the language of Castile (land of castles) which was destined to become not only the chief language of Spain, but also of the Latin American Republics.

As to be expected, the indigenous inhabitants of Latin America exerted a great influence on the Castilian language and differences between the two types of Spanish began to emerge. This was mainly due to the diminishing contact between Latin America and Spain, coupled with the languages used by the inhabitants of Latin America.

The influence of American English in the North of the region also took its toll; words were absorbed with a Spanish pronunciation which was based solely on what was heard with no regard for the correct spelling, for example 'boila' (boiler) and 'mechas' (matches)!

There are many factors that are attributable to the birth of the Latin American Spanish language but it is important to realise that it was a slow and gradual process. Although there are differences between Castilian Spanish and Latin American Spanish - particularly relating to pronunciation - they do not prevent mutual intelligibility.

The differences between these two languages are equivalent to those between British English and American English.

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There are no "primitive" languages. All languages have a system of sounds, words and sentences that can adequately communicate the content of culture.
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